No one can do what only you can do.

Sounds like non sense, but it makes all sense.

In many cases, you’ve already lost your support network because in order to better control you he have to isolate you. In some cases, you are too ashamed anyway to seek help because you are scared that people will judge you…In fact, even if others help you to get out of the abuse if you have not decide in your heart clearly and firmly, you will go back to the abuser. Trust me, been there and done that. Women go back to their abusers because they feel sorry for them. A common tactic that batterers use is to threaten to commit suicide. They may lead the victim to feel both guilty and sorry and she may return into the relationship because she will feel needed to save the abuser. Just as often, batterers may convince their victims that they love them and are committed to changing. Some women like me, very much want to believe the batterer and hope for real change. That’s when it gets really complicated and my own experience and statistics undeniably demonstrate that the average abused woman, leaves her abuser seven to eight times before she leaves permanently. Don’t do like me or don’t be a statistic. Decide today. Decide once for all to quit this relationship because domestic violence is not OK!


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