Forgive and be FREE



The first time I heard these words was in one of the “MADEA” ‘s movie. Sorry cannot remember the title. An eldery woman was begging her only child (a young woman who have been abused and betrayed by her husband) to forgive. I remember her saying that when you don’t forgive you give power to the person who hurt you, consequently you will never be free. This movie scene in particular always intrigue me because I didn’t really understand what this woman meant.

Each time I recalled about what my 2 ex husbands did to me I will be submerged by all kinds of feelings. I remember sometimes looking for revenge and even planning for it. The thoughts will bring everything back to live. The anger would be so loud that I ‘ll need to see them unhappy, suffer, apologize to me…I needed them to pay. I thank God for my pastor who showed me the way out; FORGIVENESS.

I was trapped in unforgiveness, I never let go of them. I kept them in my memories. I was still connected to them via this anger, and they almost won again because I wanted to act like them. I wanted to hurt no matter what. I thought revenge will make us EVEN. Unfortunately revenge was the perfect continuation of their abuses and perpetrating my abusers’s acts would have made similar to them. But when I decided to FORGIVE, I stripped them of all the power they had. Deuteronomy 32:35 helped me break through this bondage of unforgiveness.  God himself was going to assure my revenge. that was good news, no that was GREAT NEWS. The word of God says Vengeance is Mine, and recompense; Their foot shall slip in due time; For the day of their calamity is at hand,
And the things to come hasten upon them.”

Once I forgave them, I didn’t feel anymore anger, stress etc.. my memories are still there but for another purpose. I use them to help Overcomers like you. Now I can relate to what the lady said in the movie. I am free, no feeling imprisoning me anymore , no more having power over me but Jesus Christ. I dont owe a man anything but the love of my GOD . And like the lady in the movie, this is me today begging you through this post to let go. I assure you, once you forgive you will be free of hurting the way you are hurting now. PLEASE HEAR ME, BE FREE TODAY!

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