Meet Your Purpose

It was clear in my heart that I had to attend this business retreat. It happened to be a great opportunity to learn how to launch my business. So I went.

There, on top of those beautiful mountains, away from the city and human chaos, I met my purpose.


Surrounded by this beautiful nature, I learned to appreciate the mighty hands of its creator. Every free time I had in between sessions, I sat down and stared at the trees, mountains, and snow. It was majestic, simply pretty, and each time I felt fulfill. In the morning I will pray with my eyes opened, I will talk to God as if he was standing before me. I figured every piece of nature was what he spoke into existence (creation), so I talked to him. After a few days, I noticed that other participants were also looking for a spot to address themselves to God directly. Having this in common, we connected. Guided by an extraordinary force, we felt the need to share our strongest and most intimate experiences. We hardly knew each other but for some reasons we trusted each other. We had to because what we shared was deep and confidential. We all sought God on top of these mountains because we needed restoration. Life had done us wrong. Some, more abused, hurt, and devastated than others. We were all victims. Victim of a fear. Fear perpetrated by this perfect stranger or family member who raped us. This husband who assaulted us. This parent or friend who abused us mentally. There were so many scenarios of hurt. Listening to others became grueling and painful. I wanted to comfort them, and help them. The thoughts of doing good to them haunted me for nights. I felt in my heart the need to tell them that the sun will shine after the storm. So I did, but I did not convince everybody. I needed solid arguments, testimonies; my testimony. Unfortunately, my testimony was not strong then, it was still in the making. I was going through my own healing. I was not even 100% sure that God will totally restore me. So I backed off, but I was not at peace. That feeling of unfinished business haunted me even more. I prayed for that feeling to go away, prayed for God to give me more time to be ready.Then it hit me. I was called to share what I was going through. This is to say that God works in the process. It’s not about the finish work, it’s about learning while going through it, and recognizing that the master of all is working with you in the process of getting better. It’s about admitting that I might not be where I need to be, but I will soon get there through him who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). I may still cry some nights or experience fear etc.. but it is not like it used to be. I can come out of my comfort zone, I can now talk about my hurt, I can admire nature, I can pray… doing all these things show that I am coming out, I am healing. God is restoring me. As the plane took off I realized that I had just discovered my purpose !

2 responses to “Meet Your Purpose”

  1. Our walk is never like it was instead it will be greater.. The priceless person you are will become a powerful tool to help others. Never forget God has created you with a special purpose. The things we have experienced can help so many others. Thank you for sharing God’s amazing grace. may you be blessed this 2108 with great things spiritually, at work, and life.

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