DECISION: The Power of Life

She hesitantly waltzes between leaving him and staying. Courageous at times, she lines up her plans and looks confident. Unfortunately, she also collaborates with fear and panic. Regrettably, I cannot help her. I am limited.

She often shuts down and runs away from me when I confront her about stepping in, and making choices. Yet, she confesses that she is envious of me. She wants to become the survivor I am today but refuses to fight the battles. To her, deciding is too hard. She hopes and prays that the transformation will happen overnight. She wants a miracle, but doesn’t want to work the miracle. She believes that all she needs is to pray and God will make it happen.  Even the word of God says in James 2:17 “faith without works is dead’.  Praying and believing is great but you must do your share.

Because you see me all confident, looking good etc… you think I had it all easy.  Don’t “envy the ME you see today. It’s been a long and painful journey”. I had to step out, I had to make decisions, tough decisions. Things didn’t just happen for me. I made things happen.

She hears me but doesn’t listen to me. I know she is terrified, I can totally relate to that because I’ve been there. She pretends to need my help, but the truth is that she is not ready to receive help.

Dealing with her made me realize that we are not all Overcomers. We may be going through the same situation, some will choose to fight and live, while others may choose fatality and die.

The power of death and life is on the tip of her tongue Proverb 18:21, and I pray that she lives, but the question is, will she ever CHOOSE ?



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