Paris: my revenge

The narrow streets, the smallness of spirits, the lightness in the languages, the brightness of all these writings have a bitter taste of my past, reminding me of a life of imprisonment and failure. Indeed, this city that once represented beauty and wellness became a subject of betrayal. Paris failed me, not once but unfairly twice.

* The first time I was young and naive (my first marriage)

* The second time I was an adult and oppressed (my second marriage)

Betrayed and ashamed I left and found refuge elsewhere. At my new home, I got healed and restored. Finally, at peace, I promised to never go back. But guided by the circumstances, I briefly return from time to time. This time things are different, this time, it’s  revenge time.

This time I am free. This time, I am strong. And this time, I am here to testify. The opportunity was there, so I took it. I raised my voice and opened up for the first time. I said it loud and clear to my family first, then to the rest of the world: “My name is Alida Dany Tchicamboud, I was once a Domestic Violence victim”, but I am standing before today as an OVERCOMER.

I am here to talk about Domestic Violence and help others who are struggling with this scourge, I am here to say that there is life after the abuse (in my case it’s been a better life). I am here to share my share my journey !


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