OUR DVAM Calendar

We are very excited to offer a full schedule of amazing workshops just for you. Stick with us and practice free self-care all monthlong. With the exception of one, all of our workshops are “survivor led”. Reserve your seat by registering today, because sessions have a limited capacity. For more information or questions email us at: info@healinghandsint.com.

  1. Register to our workshops: https://forms.gle/FFN8zKHC328KEpX48
  2. Donate to our cause: https://www.paypal.me/healinghandsint /
  3. Use the following hashtags on your social media: #DVisNOTOK , #healinghands , #overcomers@hh , #survivorrock , #notodv , #stopdomesticviolence…
  4. Wear something purple #purplethursday
  5. Share our events with your entourage
  6. Tag us at https://www.facebook.com/HHRestored
  7. Subscribe to our newsletter

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