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Alida is the founder and CEO of Healing Hands International, a community organization dedicated to helping survivors of domestic violence achieve personal and financial freedom. She is also the founder and CEO of Tchic Consulting, where she holds a full time Human Resources Consultant position. Alida believes in her clients and in their potential to live  positive experiences after trauma. Determined to play an essential and decisive role in the lives of survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking, Alida offers suitable guidance to achieve self-confidence, self-motivation, and ultimately financial freedom. She holds a Master Degree in Human Resources from the University of Paris XII (France) and count more than 20+ years of experience in the HR field.In 2019 she was the spokesperson at the press conference  releasing the Comptroller Scott Stringer report on Housing Survivors, which findings and recommendations was shaped by her testimony.

Since 2020 she is part of the HOMEworks Research Advisory Group. Committed leader, she serves as a co-chair of the Coordinated Entry Advisory Group for the NYC Mayor’s Office to End Gender-based violence

With the new NYC Mayor’s Administration she became an active member of the Impacted Advocates Group (a group created by NYC Mayor’s Office to bring together people with lived experience to address the City’s homelessness crisis), Alida works closely with Chief Housing Officer Katz. She recently shared her expertise and supported the development of Housing Our Neighbors: A Blueprint for Housing and Homelessness

EMAIL HER: yourhealinghandsint@gmail.com


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