We believe that every woman should live free and safe from violence and fear of violence. Healing Hands seeks to eradicate domestic violence from the surface of the earth.


Our mission is to assist Domestic Violence’ victims and help them physically, mentally and spiritually in order for them to get their lives back together. We provide emotional support to assure total healing and complete restoration. We also raise awareness and provide services to empower our “Overcomers”!


We provide:

  • Provide referral services to larger and well equipped Domestic Violence organizations
  • Coaching, counseling and mentoring
  • Advocate for Overcomers
  • Provide moral support
  • Address the overall aspects of  Domestic Violence through workshops, seminars and lectures
  • Educate and inspire through social media and other networking platforms
  • Facilitate small and large groups sessions for individuals and organisations focused on healing, lack of faith, forgiveness and much more!

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