Healing Hands

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About Us

Meet Our Founder

Alida Tchicamboud is the founding director of Healing Hands Incorporated, serving survivors of gender-based violence. An inspiring motivational speaker, Alida speaks candidly from personal and professional experience about surviving domestic and sexual violence. Her credentials include years of keynote speaking and leadership educating communities on sensitive topics such as rape, incest, commercial sexual exploitation, domestic and gender violence. As a trauma-informed consultant, she collaborates with other statewide organizations and government agencies to develop and implement best practices and policies for victims and survivors. She also serves as a subject-matter expert, advising on organizational processes and research projects focused on economic empowerment and language justice. A compassionate leader pursuing sustainable, long-term economic justice for and with marginalized communities, Alida’s is nationally recognized for her work at the intersection of sexual assault, human trafficking, homelessness, and economic empowerment.

Nominated the NYC Advocate of the year in 2022, by the New York City Mayor’s office to end gender-based violence, Alida believes that the more we all as a community talk about sexual violence, the better the victim’s chance is of seeking help. Polyglot (English, French, Lingala, Kikongo) Alida holds a Master degree in Human Resources from the university of Paris XII (France) and lives in New York.


Healing Hands Incorporated reflects racial and cultural diversity. We take into consideration the survivors’ culture, history, language and socialization. Our staff and board members are from the African American, African Diaspora and West Indies communities. Our cultures and traditions are deeply rooted in our practice. The different languages spoken at the agency are: Haitian, French, Wolof, Lingala, Kikongo… The staff take a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach to deliver services to survivors.


Our Board of Trustees includes individuals with extensive experience in advocacy and activism, policy, and business. The board informs the vision of Healing Hands and helps to ensure we are making progress in our mission.

Eli Ahossey

A human rights defender who was born into a legacy of activism, and is fiercely passionate in her life’s calling to advance women’s rights. Elie holds a Master degree in Occupational Therapy and contributes a lot to Healing Hands’ wellness program. As a Cantor she brings a holistic approach to gospel music…

Gaelle Fall

Has extensive experience as an independent advisor on a wide range of international issues with a focus on social development issues. Her work has covered advocacy, service, delivery, evaluation, facilitation, policy and organizational development with a range of international and intergovernmental organizations and grant making foundations, including UNICEF and UNDP.

Berenger Natchia

Is a full-time Pastor who is deeply passionate about Africa and believes that the missing ingredient on the continent is good leadership. In line with this, he has successfully founded three organizations that aim to catalyze a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial African leaders. Born in Ghana, he spent most of youth years in Ivory Coast before moving the Unites States. Since 2019 he has lived and worked in about 10 different African countries.

Annick Lokossi

Activist who works on race, gender, she has international and national experience, having worked for the Senegalese (Africa) government and private philanthropy in the USA. Until November 2020, she led a non-profit called BISSO NA BISSO, which advocates for single parents in promoting gender equality.

Paule Valerie Guei

She brings more than 10 years of experience in combatting violence against women and young girls. Valerie is an Etiquette Coach who teaches young girls how to navigate society and the world around them. She has a degree in communication and plays an important role conceiving and implementing our youth program educational materials.

Angele Mboma

CEO of Bonjour Kiwi USA, Angele is an entrepreneur and a business consultant who is passionate about bringing awareness about sexual assault and cultural influences practices such as female genital mutilation, rape and forced marriage.

Isaac Katalay

Artist, multi-instrumentalist and social activist whose objective is to promote the beauty of humanity. He is the founder and CEO of the “Life Long Project Band” and hold a degree in International Criminal Justice from Jay College of Criminal Justice

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