Category: Domestic violence

  • Our Month-long event

    Since October 5th , we have been offering free virtual workshops to survivors of domestic violence in recognition of domestic violence awareness month (DVAM). Surprisingly we joined by service providers sometimes, which made the sessions even more interesting. Survivors are leading conversations around domestic violence awareness and we are blessed to provide such an amazing […]

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  • Observe DV Awareness Month with us

    Observe DV Awareness Month with us


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  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    October is our busiest month of the year, and this year, we have an entire calendar full with amazing opportunities for survivors to practice self-care. We are inviting everyone who stands against domestic violence to join us observe this special month.

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  • Survivor Leader

    Survivor Leader

    SURVIVOR LEADER: What does it mean?

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  • From triggers to Peace!

    From triggers to Peace!

    Join us for as we celebrate YOU!

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  • A mentor and a father

    A mentor and a father

    When you realize that you have been called, but don’t know where to start. God gives a purpose, but it takes a mentor to prep and help you execute. Because it’s bigger than you, it shows up frightening and almost impossible to follow, that’s why it takes a father to encourage and support you throughout the journey. […]

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