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  • Survivor Leader

    Survivor Leader

    SURVIVOR LEADER: What does it mean?

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  • A mentor and a father

    A mentor and a father

    When you realize that you have been called, but don’t know where to start. God gives a purpose, but it takes a mentor to prep and help you execute. Because it’s bigger than you, it shows up frightening and almost impossible to follow, that’s why it takes a father to encourage and support you throughout the journey. […]

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  • Partying for a great cause!

    Partying for a great cause!

  • The common interest

    A simple poster for you, but for me it’s the realization and the manifestation of obedience to God, dedication, sacrifice and hard work. From the name to the tagline, everything was inspired and literally experienced and lived. Each letter is inspired by a story, an anecdote and each word is a journey. At the sight […]

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  • Transformed


  • Events



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  • DECISION: The Power of Life

    DECISION: The Power of Life

    She hesitantly waltzes between leaving him and staying. Courageous at times, she lines up her plans and looks confident. Unfortunately, she also collaborates with fear and panic. Regrettably, I cannot help her. I am limited. She often shuts down and runs away from me when I confront her about stepping in, and making choices. Yet, […]

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  • Meet Your Purpose

    Meet Your Purpose

    It was clear in my heart that I had to attend this business retreat. It happened to be a great opportunity to learn how to launch my business. So I went. There, on top of those beautiful mountains, away from the city and human chaos, I met my purpose. Surrounded by this beautiful nature, I […]

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